Mane Lane Quarter Horses

2015-palomino filly-blaze/couple white feet

Sire-Pale Face Dunnit

Dam-ML Boonwith Freckles

here is another very fancy filly! a definite prospect!

nominated in NRHA,OBBO,AQR.



2015-palomino filly-blaze/couple white feet

sire-Pale Face Dunnit

Dam-Shiney Rooster

another incredible filly by this producing mare! very excited to see what the future holds for her!

nominated in OBBO,NRHA,AQR,NRBC

not for sale at this time

2015-sorrel colt-blaze/few white feet

Sire-Wimpys Little Step

Dam-This Guns Legal

an incredibly bred fancy colt, this guy has everything going for him! and should be a real contender.  This colt has a bright future.  If your looking for your next prospect, look no further..this ones going to be good!

nominated in OBBO,NRHA,NRBC,AQR

for sale-10000

pictures to follow